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To give an aim to your professional life, give a goal to their personal life.

About Colonies

Futuristic houses don’t belong to sci-fi writers, but to us. Smart homes don’t belong on Mars, but on Earth. At Colonies.What should the future of living resemble? Utopists would say : Martian Colonies. Realists would respond : Gadget filled houses. At Colonies, we think that the future of living will look like the people who live it. It’s time to imagine homes conceived for its inhabitants.

Our professions

To offer a smooth and pleasant housing experience to its tenants, Colonies becomes the intermediary of all professions in the real estate industry.

Sourcing & expansionWe find very well-located properties with high potential.
Project managmentWe renovate, furnish, and decorate our homes so that they are cozy and functional.
Customer experienceWe take care of your move-in and help you on a daily basis.
Corporate strategiesWe take care of everything that goes on behind the scenes at Colonies.

The team

A team whose job is to live together, that's a dream, isn't it?Some start-ups are invented in a garage. Colonies was born in a roommate's apartment, driven by friendship and creativity. Since that moment, 120 new faces have joined the dream of the three roommates-founders, and we make sure that the original essence endures. No competition between us, no bad vibes, and no sycophancy: we believe that a company is like a big house, to have more space, you have to know how to share.

We are


We take action, we learn fast, we react quickly and we move on.


We do the things we say. We say the things we do.


We are working on being the best partner and pushing boundaries.


We take life on the good side. We give our best in every situation.

An international environment.

We have offices in Paris, Berlin and very soon in Brussels and we intend to expand all over Europe!


Colonies adapts to the life of its employees: 100% in the office, flex or full remote, everything is possible!

Exceptional Offices.

Located in the heart of Paris (9th), our offices include a cinema room, a gaming room, a gym, and even a bar to get together and celebrate our victories!

Weekly sport classes.

There is nothing better than our weekly boxing and HIIT classes guided by a coach to let off steam and stay healthy!

Cooking classes.

To break the ice, we break the crust! Participate in cooking sessions (appetizers, entrees, desserts) with our favorite foodies.


Afterworks, off-sites, parties... we marry the fun with the work!

What we have to say