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Our values are based on a simple idea: putting tenants at the heart of our story...


Humans are evolving. We’re different from our grandparents, different from our parents, and even different from who we were yesterday. So is life.

Homes are not evolving. For more than 100 years, housing has not changed. One bathroom, three rooms, four walls and that’s it. So is housing.

But does it have to be this way? Life is an adventure, and it should be reflected in our homes. Colonies is for all those who believe :

Housing should enter the future head on. Life is like a box of chocolates, not a shoebox. .Booking a flat should be three clicks away. No one earns three times their rent except for the elite You may want to share your rent, but not your intimacy. At any age, you can choose (or not) to live in a community. The landlords should stand by their tenant’s side.

Access to hassle-free living should be everybody’s right, and a home can also be an unforgettable experience.

We create life-size, life-proof housing : Beautiful and trouble-free homes, tailored to every step of your adventure.Smart homes don’t belong on Mars, but on Earth.

Futuristic houses don’t belong to sci-fi writers, but to us.

The future of living starts here. You’re at Colonies. Welcome home.

Fat cats will be pissed

Our story

Before becoming the everyday life of 120 employees, Colonies was the dream of three roommates: Amaury Courbon, François Roth & Alexandre Martin.

Mid 2010's: confronted like many other students with the housing nightmare, three friends spent long evenings fantasizing about the future of living. Inspired by science fiction and its Martian colonies, they asked themselves, in the middle of the 15th viewing of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings: why invent the future 62 million kilometers away from our planet when we can write it down at home?

That is how Colonies was born. The objective: to improve housing in large cities through the eye of the tenant. As soon as they opened their first houses, the start-up became the national reference for coliving. This new type of housing allows people to enjoy large spaces for the price of a studio, without sacrificing their privacy.

Since then, Colonies has grown. New types of housing, new countries: in just a few years, it has shaken up the rental codes and reinvented the real estate value chain. The next step is to offer everyone, whatever their age, a home adapted to their needs and desires. And this, of course, everywhere in the world... even in the Galaxy.

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Colonies is the sidekick in your life’s story.

You know, the one that is always by your side so you can focus on the essentials?

Being a good sidekick is a mission that goes beyond all professions. When a real estate developer finds the best nuggets on the market, there is a sidekick. When an architect designs, renovates and sets up beautiful and functional interiors adapted to the needs of each person, there is a sidekick. When a tech person is developing an effective digital tool, there is a sidekick. When a sales manager offers customized solutions for everyone, there is a sidekick. When a customer experience manager is available from the moment you arrive until the day you leave, there is a sidekick. We are sidekicks. We are Colonies.

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