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Our impact

We are forging ahead in our mission to revolutionize housing with a constant dedication to sustainability, ethics and social impact


Our metrics for 2023

4,500 t

of C02 eq emissions avoided

(carbon normally emitted in 2023 was divided by 3)


units created by densification or office conversions


of our residences have a DPE score of D or higher


gender equality index

with a commitment to reach 95/100 in 2025

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Our environmental commitments

As a responsible player in the Real Estate sector, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact.

Our activities positively impact the environment through energy-efficient renovations and densification projects, contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Despite not being obligated, we voluntarily align with the European Taxonomy, focusing on the Paris Agreement's environmental criteria.

In 2023, we also decided to calculate our positive impact on the environment, through an "avoided carbon" calculation, which estimates that the carbon normally emitted in 2023 was divided by 3 thanks to the densification and energy renovation works carried out by Colonies.

How we reduce our environmental footprint

Conversion of office buildings into housing

Conversion of office buildings into housing

Densification of assets

Densification of assets

Energy-efficient renovations

Energy-efficient renovations

Sustainable design and furniture

Sustainable design and furniture

Partnering for a better tomorrow

Partnering for a better tomorrow

We are proud to be funded by Crédit Mutuel Impact, through their Révolution Environnementale et Solidaire fund.

Crédit Mutuel Impact’s investment strategy is centered on generating lasting positive environmental and social changes. Their rigorous selection process ensures that their investments align with the goal of creating a sustainable and impactful future.

With their support, we are empowered to drive innovation and expand our initiatives, amplifying our efforts to make a meaningful difference.

Our sustainable interior design commitments


Create a long lasting design, resistant and fixable


Second-hand furniture or made of recycled materials

Certified wood

100% of our furniture in certified wood, to minimise environmental impact

Made in Europe

80% of our furniture made in Europe, to minimise freight impact

Energy saving

100% led lighting and limited-flow shower heads to reduce our energy consumptions

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Our social commitments

Make housing more accessible

Today the housing renting market is very tense, and it is more and more difficult for a young adult to find an accommodation. By densifying, and converting office buildings into residential solutions, we contribute to expanding the market to help students and young professionals to find their dream accommodation.

More than just a furnished flat

The current housing market doesn't fit young people’s needs. We aim to provide more than just a simple furnished flat by designing our spaces carefully with the tenant in mind. Whether they prefer living in a community or on their own, we prioritize their needs to offer them a valuable living experience with a convenient all-inclusive package and a fully digital booking process.

Our governance commitments

Equality policy and employee development

Because the ones who work for us are the very reason of our success, it is important we provide a fair environment where everyone can grow and develop regardless of their gender, age or origins. All our employees can now have access to trainings to develop personal and professional knowledge. A reward policy has been put in place in 2023 to make sure everyone is rewarded fairly.

Our Gender Equality index is 85/100.
We have a commitment to reach 95/100 in 2025.

Corporate ethics

Corporate ethics is important for us, as we want to conduct our business fairly, respecting the one who work for us or with us. We conduct a supplier risk analysis each year, and request to our most significant suppliers to prove they are conducting business in a fair and legal way, especially with their sub-contractors. We trained all our employees on anti-corruption practices, to make sure we recognise and adress all problems related to this.

100% of our employees trained in anti-corruption.

Work with us
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"After taking part in la Fresque du Climat, I realized the extent of our impact on the environment. It's a brutal realization of the magnitudes involved, which raises questions about our daily actions and pushes us to rethink the way we live and work for our own well-being, and that of our planet."

Alexandre Ferreira, participant of the Fresque du Climat


2023 ESG report

The detailed progress and achievements in our sustainability journey in the 2023.

Coming soon

ESG and ethical charter

A comprehensive outline of our sustainable and responsible business practices.


UN Global Compact commitment

Please alert us if you suspect that Colonies is not respecting these fundamental principles.

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