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Finally, housing as you need it

Smart homes don’t belong on Mars, but on Earth. Right here.

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1,100 tenants, from more than 25 nationalities, have been on board the Colonies housing

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All of our accommodations are functional and fully equipped down to the smallest detail!

It’s a match !

Don't stay alone anymore! Your BFF or future partner in crime may be hiding among your future roommates.

Book from anywhere

Avoid the stress of renting, visit and apply for your futur home online & move in within a week!

Enjoy from day 1

You have already some plans at 7pm but your check-in is at 6pm ? No problem! As soon as you’re settled, you can start enjoying !

Budget control

Skip the hassle of paying multiple bills: water, electricity, gas & internet...Everything is included in your package.

Extra Services

Depending on the accommodation you chose, services will be available to simplify your life!
21% of 25-30 year olds feel lonely

... not our style!

Noor - chilling on the couch of Helios (as usual)

The unforgetable "Candles and roomies" dinner at Nova

1 hour : the time it takes at Colonies to find your perfect place in Paris from Pakistan.

What are you looking for?

Very simple: an affordable and functionnal appartment to share


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A residence with private spaces, outstanding common areas and services!


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A fully equiped private apartment just for me !

private flats

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Ready to live anywhere, but not with anyone

What brings you here, your dream job, your breakfast preferences, the name of your goldfish... everything is good to help us finding the roommates who look like you!

We are (almost) everywhere!

We are currently established in the largest cities of France, Germany and Belgium... Our goal? To conquer the galaxy!

Zoya's 10 secret vegetables recipe- what a delight !

Helios - Coworking space

Just a few steps away from moving in


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We will call you back


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You’re ready to move in!

The city is our playground

We turn obsolete buildings into beautiful, ready-to-live-in homes (well designed, efficient, homey)

Our houses have a heart (well, many actually)!

feedback author

Lydia | Ireland | 27

I’ve made some lifelong friends at Colonies! Living here is very similar to my Erasmus experience. There is a real mix of nationalities and cultures and a good sense of camaraderie. It’s been great to have friends just down the hallway as I’ve adjusted to a new city. It was amazing to be able to move in with just a suitcase and have all of the amenities I needed ready to use.
feedback author

Alfonso | Italy | 47

I feel a little older than the other tenants, but I’m almost the same in other aspects. Every week I teach them a new dish and cook for everyone in the house at least once. Colonies is a place where I can share myself and be a part of a group, a part of something! And share food, culture and life experiences with wonderful people.
feedback author

Florine | France | 31

I have met more than friends, I have formed a second family in this city where I arrived without knowing anyone. They are there in good times and bad, we have fun, we talk seriously and we build a strong relationship that (I know) will last forever. The people of my colony are now essential to my life (and I miss them when I go away for the weekend :)).
feedback author

Fahdi | Pakistan | 27

Moving to Berlin represents my first adventure outside of my native country Pakistan. Living at Colonies is exciting, because beyond experiencing German culture, I get to live with people from so many different cultural backgrounds and from all walks of life. Prenzl is a microcosm which has allowed me to feel integrated yet stimulated since the day I arrived.
Colonies for life

Colonies is designed for all stages of life: from single life to daily life with 2, 3 or 10 people!

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