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Affordable and ready to live in shared accommodation for an hassle-free life!

Make friends, or bring your gang !

Affordable rent including all charges, eligible for APL

Entirely renovated, furnished and 100% functional

Everything is doable online from the visit to the : payment of the rent

move in today

Ready to move in?

Autonomy and privacy

A top of the range bedding to a proper recover of hangovers, a dressing room to store everything, and a desk to study (at least a bit!).

Théo facing the Colonies Queen’s gambit : Juliette !

Super furnished and equipped

All the utensils and an oven for cooking, a living room with sofa, TV and sound system for chilling, a beautiful dining room ... and even a large balcony, small garden or a terrace to tan.

Groups wanted !

You already have a team ready to live together? Colonies is the perfect place to settle in! Coming alone? It's also the ideal one to make your future friendships.

Fully equipped

All of our accommodations are functional and fully equipped down to the smallest detail!

It’s a match !

Don't stay alone anymore! Your BFF or future partner in crime may be hiding among your future roommates.

Book from anywhere

Avoid the stress of renting, visit and apply for your futur home online & move in within a week!

Enjoy from day 1

You have already some plans at 7pm but your check-in is at 6pm ? No problem! As soon as you’re settled, you can start enjoying !

Budget control

Skip the hassle of paying multiple bills: water, electricity, gas & internet...Everything is included in your package.

Extra Services

Depending on the accommodation you chose, services will be available to simplify your life!

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