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How to make your request for student accommodation?

What are the criteria for obtaining student accommodation? How does CROUS work? What are the steps to take for a university housing application? At Colonies, we provide answers to all these questions to help you navigate your upcoming academic year under the best conditions.

Understanding CROUS and student housing system

The CROUS (Regional Center for University and School Affairs) is a public administrative institution present in all regions. It facilitates students' access to various information and assistance to ensure a conducive environment for academic success, including providing student housing.

Who is eligible for student housing?

Student accommodations are offered under two conditions: availability and the student's situation.

Any student enrolled in a university program can apply for student housing at CROUS if:

  • They receive a scholarship, whether they are French or foreign;

  • They are on mobility as part of an exchange program;

  • They have a physical disability or visual impairment (80% disability card).

Finally, to be eligible for student housing, they must submit an application between January and May preceding the upcoming academic year.

Types of available student accommodations

The types of accommodations available to students vary depending on the departments. But generally, they include:

  • Furnished single rooms of approximately 10 m² with shared facilities (kitchen, toilets, and study rooms);

  • Furnished studios ranging from 13 to 25 m² equipped with a kitchenette (sink, hotplates, refrigerator) and a bathroom;

  • One-bedroom apartments ranging from 26 to 35 m² with a kitchenette and a small bathroom;

  • Furnished two-room studios with a kitchenette and a bathroom for 1 to 2 persons.

For additional information on the accommodations and rooms available for rent, visit the CROUS website of your university.

As for rents, they range from 200 euros to 500 euros, but you may be eligible for financial assistance, including personalized housing assistance (APL) and social housing allowance (ALS).

Student housing application: steps to take

To guide you through your CROUS student housing application, here are all the steps to follow to obtain it and the documents to present when collecting the keys.

Submitting your application

To apply for CROUS housing allocation, you must first complete a Student Social File (DSE) between January and May at the administrative center of your future university. It is the same process as applying for a scholarship.

You can still apply after May, but the processing of your scholarship may be delayed.

If you are about to start a second academic year, you must reapply. It is not automatically renewed, so be careful.

Tracking your application

Housing is allocated to you (or not) in June. The response comes in the form of an SMS indicating simply a yes (your application is accepted) or a no (your application is rejected).

Validation of your application

If your application is approved, you can then enter your university room or studio and receive the keys. For this, you must present a certificate of insurance against rental risks and your student card (or certificate of enrollment for the academic year).


You now have all the information to submit your student housing application properly. Remember that your application must be submitted between January and May, and you must reapply each year to be eligible for a room or studio. Of course, there are other solutions for student accommodation.

At Colonies, we offer living spaces and sharing opportunities for all profiles. Whether you are a student, a professional, or in vocational training, you can find the perfect colocation among those we offer. We would be delighted to welcome you to our community.

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