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How do you find accommodation in Paris if you're a young worker?

Paris, the French capital, is home to more than two million inhabitants and several arrondissements that still retain their historic attractions, such as food markets, beautiful cafés and small bakeries. Renting for young workers in Paris is difficult because of the city's popularity with locals and foreigners alike. Turn your search for accommodation for young workers in Île-de-France into an exciting experience and find your ideal home with Colonies.

What you need to know about renting in Paris

In France, the law favors the tenant, but there are a lot of administrative formalities to complete. In all the housing for young professionals that you visit, you have to fill in an application form containing a lot of personal information. Financial data, such as salary, savings and tax history, as well as place of birth, age, marital status and number of children, are all commonly requested.

Young workers' hostels: the economical option

You're probably wondering how to get accommodation in a young workers' hostel or FJT. A hostel for young workers is an economical solution. This type of rental is mainly intended for people on work placements, training courses or at the start of their very first employment contract, whether fixed-term or open-ended. These accommodations for young workers in the Paris region are designed for periods ranging from several weeks to two years.

Young workers' hostels in Paris come in a variety of forms, from single rooms to furnished studio apartments, some with communal areas. There are several located throughout the French capital. For example, there's the Foyer pour Jeunes Travailleurs in 17, the Foyer pour Jeunes Travailleurs in 92, the Foyer pour Jeunes Travailleurs in 94 and many others. To be eligible, you need to meet a number of conditions:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years of age;

  • Be in an internship, work-study program, apprenticeship or first job;

  • Have no children;

  • Have valid identity papers.

Applications for young workers' housing in the Paris region are submitted to the CAF. Before submitting your application to this organization, you must first locate and apply for the FJT you wish to join. Depending on your situation, you may also be eligible for APL (aide personnalisée au logement).

Is it better to rent short or long term?

It's essential to note that the law makes a distinction between unfurnished and furnished properties when it comes to housing for young workers. The former have a normal contract duration of three years (although the tenant can give notice at any time, three months in advance), while the latter have only one year. Rentals for young workers in Paris for less than a year should be classified as vacation rentals, which are generally very expensive. It therefore seems more advantageous to turn to long-term rentals.

How can I find accommodation as a young worker in Paris with Colonies?

There are hundreds of real estate agencies and thousands of landlords in Paris, France's largest metropolis. As a result, most tenants start their search on the Internet. Renting directly from the landlord is generally cheaper, but it's also riskier than using a rental service.

With Colonies, you're guaranteed to find the Île-de-France accommodation of your dreams, in an ideal setting, and all without having to slave away for months on end. We offer a wide range of housing solutions based on you. The tenant is at the heart of our research, because our aim is to offer them a welcoming and innovative home that will change their vision of modern living. We accompany you from the start of your search right through to check-out, to make sure that every aspect of your rental meets your criteria and requirements.

With Colonies, you can choose from a wide range of options, from fully-equipped bedrooms to T2 apartments. What's more, you'll enjoy a range of shared living spaces, including fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms, terraces and verandas, as well as sports and screening rooms. All these homes are managed by a Residence Manager who will take care of all your daily needs. Don't hesitate to join the Colonies adventure!

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