private investors

We welcome every single private investor who wants to finance the living spaces of students and young workers.
A turnkey & tailor-made offerWe design a project for you and manage all of the steps: research, plans, management, notary...etc.
dedicated contactYou benefit from a dedicated internal contact to follow up with you at every stage of the project.
team of expertsFor all technical and complex expertises, we connect you with the right team for your project.
optimized profitabilityWe optimize the profitability of the project : great control of deadlines, budgets, and satisfaction of the tenants.
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Why invest with us?

For investment

  • Property search.
  • A network of agents in the field and tax & legal experts.

For renovation

  • Plan and works of the residence.
  • Internal expertise on technical and complex subjects.
  • Conception & design.
  • Deadline and budget control.

For management

  • Above-returns.
  • Acquisition channels.
  • Qualified tenants coming from all over the world.
  • Constructive feedbacks from hundreds of tenants that help us improve.
I want to invest

If you already own a property and are looking to rent it out, we can also manage your asset for you.

Manage my assets

The life cycle of a project

First contact

We call or write each other.

Your criteria

We take all of your investment criteria into account.


We are actively hunting properties for you.


We provide you with detailed investment opportunities (i.e. strategic interest, architectural plans, business plan and rental income).


You give us the green light.


We prepare the works phase and we accompany you until the signature at the notary.


As soon as we receive the keys, we start the renovation.


We fully furnish and equip the residence with Colonies standards.


We take care of finding tenants for a full occupancy rate as soon as the works are completed.

Lease management

Our team handles the relationship with the tenants and manages the check-in & check-out.

Questions & Answers

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