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APL for work-study students

"Alternance" is a particular situation during which the young individual no longer has their student status and therefore loses the privileges that come with it. At the same time, they are not full-time employees and do not have the necessary resources to meet their needs.

Fortunately, there are aids for alternates. Some are specific, while others are common with other socio-economic statuses.

What type of housing assistance for a student in alternance?

There are different types of housing assistance for a student in alternance. Indeed, housing aid is provided tailored to your situation and needs.

Double housing allowance in alternance

Sometimes, a young individual is required to rent two accommodations: one near their school or study center and the other near their professional internship or apprenticeship site. These accommodations are obviously the responsibility of the student, who often struggles to pay for them on their own.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can get assistance with the double housing allowance by applying to the Family Allowances Fund.

It should be noted that housing assistance is not necessarily granted to everyone. The government considers three criteria to select eligible profiles: the tenant's age, their professional status, and finally their income over the last 12 months. It is this last point that is often the most decisive.

Furthermore, alternates with double housing are subject to a flat-rate reduction based on their means. This means that the alternance housing allowance varies depending on the resources.

Finally, companies hosting alternates for internships are required to contribute at least 1% of the total housing price.

Housing assistance and apprenticeship in 2021

If you are in an apprenticeship, you have an income. Depending on the amount of this income over the past 12 months, you can calculate the housing assistance you will be entitled to. It should be noted that only salaries exceeding 18,473 euros per year will be taken into account.

This means that below this amount, you will receive a housing allowance similar to that of a student without income.

You do not have to justify your earnings, the Family Allowances Fund takes care of this task. You can simulate alternance housing assistance to see if you are eligible for assistance and how much it will be.

According to the Family Allowances Fund, apprenticeships since 2020 also entitle you to other benefits such as the Supplementary Housing Allowance, the Supplementary Housing Allowance for Young People, or even the Visale guarantee. You also have access to accommodations for young active individuals, as well as housing from CROUS if your institution is listed.

Family Allowances Fund (CAF) and alternance in professionalization contract in 2021

For alternance in a professionalization contract, the Family Allowances Fund provides the same benefits as in an apprenticeship contract. The only difference is the amount, which is often lower because the employee is much more present within the company, allowing them to receive a better salary.

It is also useful to request assistance from the company for rent payment if you receive a maximum of 100% of the minimum wage.

Housing assistance for professional mobility

Sometimes, you may need to commute during your professional training. The rent may be roughly the same, but moving costs are quite expensive.

To offset this additional expense, the government has introduced the Mobili-Pass offer, which is an advance or a subsidy helping the beneficiary cover mobility costs.

To access it, certain conditions must be met. First, you must be in alternance with a fixed-term contract or an apprenticeship CDI. Then, you must prove that your transfer requires relocation. You simply need to provide proof from your company.

The distance between the current housing and the new position must be at least 70 kilometers. Otherwise, the journey must last more than 75 minutes. The request must not exceed a period of 6 months post-transfer.

Finally, your financial situation must not reach the ceiling set by the PLI.

The amount of this assistance depends on the geographical area, as well as your family situation. That said, there are also other schemes aimed at helping young people on the move during their alternances.

For example, there is mobility assistance amounting to 1,000 euros. This does not only apply to moves but also to returning to work after a long period of inactivity. You may also be entitled to it if you are a young active person entering the professional world for the first time.

"My job, my housing"

The assistance entitled "My job, my housing" has also been available since July 2021. Its value can be combined with other Family Allowances Fund aids.

For example, for alternance with a professionalization contract, the Family Allowances Fund pays a moving allowance that can be combined with the "My job, my housing" aid.

Of course, the journey between home and workplace must last less than 90 minutes.

Tips for economically choosing accommodation during your alternance

An alternate is a hybrid between an employee and a student. They have a sort of financial stability, with a constant salary, but often insufficient. However, there are tips to limit housing costs during your alternance.

Seek out good addresses

If you are looking for accommodation (whether shared or individual), you will certainly consider reading advertisements from various agencies.

So take a look at the offers provided by Colonies, which specializes in coliving. The ergonomic organization of the website will allow you to quickly sort through the offers to find one that suits you at a competitive price.

Opt for furnished apartments if you are mobile

If you already know that your internship or alternance involves numerous moves, it is better to opt for furnished rentals.

Although these may be slightly more expensive, they are more economical in the long run because a small increase in rent is better than paying mobility fees every time you change positions.

You will have no trouble finding cheap furnished accommodation at Colonies.

Colocation among alternates within the same company

Often, companies that hire alternates open several positions at the same time. If among the applicants, there are those who already live in the region, you may have the chance to find colleagues to share accommodation with.

This shared accommodation will allow you to work as a team, especially for group work. Moreover, since you will have the same schedule, you will not be out of sync with your sleep cycle.

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