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Advantages of sharing a flat for young workers

While student flatshares have been very popular for several years now, flatshares for young working people are also gaining in popularity. In fact, the colocation barometer revealed that 45% of colocations were in fact occupied by employees. And with good reason: they find many advantages.

The economic benefits of flat-sharing for young professionals

One of the main advantages of young professionals sharing is the possibility of signing an individual lease. In this case, if one of the housemates leaves, there's no risk of the rent being affected, since each tenant benefits from the same rights.

Sharing a flat gives young workers the chance to save money as soon as they start working. In addition to spreading a large rent over several people, all rental charges are shared, as are installation and repair costs. The same applies to water, electricity, gas and Internet bills.

For those looking for a shared flat, this option may be the only way to find accommodation in a strategic location close to transport links.

Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and other major cities are very popular with young workers. If you choose to share a flat with a young professional in Paris, the rent can be reduced by 50%. What's more, you can even benefit from CAF housing assistance.

In terms of type of accommodation, there are no restrictions. Housemates can live together in a furnished or unfurnished house or apartment. If the apartment is furnished, they won't have to buy any equipment or furniture. All these costs can be further reduced with some shared flats.

In addition to the financial advantages, this type of sharing arrangement is very convenient for young workers because of its flexibility. In the event of a change of job, it's easy to leave and the arrangements are simplified.

Young workers sharing: an opportunity to meet new people

If more than 40% of young working people choose shared accommodation, it's also because of the social advantages it offers.

Opting for a shared flat at the start of your working life gives you the chance to meet new people and experience life in a community. Indeed, talking, exchanging points of view and sharing experiences between flatmates can be very enriching. What's more, it makes day-to-day life more pleasant, and prevents you from feeling lonely.

For young professionals at the start of their career, sharing a flat can even be an opportunity to create a network of contacts from different professional fields. This is all the more attractive if the shared accommodation is located in the heart of an urban area.

In addition to shared accommodation for young workers, it's also possible to try out intergenerational shared accommodation. This is a form of shared living with a senior citizen. While the latter benefits from the company and a few services, the young worker pays very modest rent, or even free rent.

Colonies: good or bad solution for young workers?

Have you just started working and don't know how to find your first shared apartment? Colonies may be the answer to your question.

It's a rental real estate solution founded to help young working people who are finding it difficult to find accommodation, especially in big cities. Between the need to pay several months in advance, to find a guarantor, a surety or a CDI, the majority of criteria required by landlords cannot be met by young people just starting out in their professional lives.

Far from being temporary accommodation, the rooms, studios and T2 at Colonies are fully equipped and perfectly fitted out to offer the necessary comfort. Double bed, work desk, kitchenette, bathroom, wifi, heaters, household products and storage space - everything you need is provided by the company.

With a focus on shared living, Colonies features a spacious lounge area where housemates can meet at any time to watch TV, share a meal and chat.

There are also other condominium spaces such as laundry, gym, garden, co-working space and even a venue for events.

Thanks to Colonies, young workers can enjoy their own personal space, while experiencing the benefits of community living.

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