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Tenant application: A good presentation starting from the cover page of the rental application.

The importance of the cover page of the rental application dossier.

Putting together a good rental application dossier increases your chances of getting the accommodation you desire, especially when there is competition. A good dossier must be complete and well-presented. Take advantage of our advice to prepare your application, from the cover page of the rental application dossier to the guarantor letter.

What should be included on the cover page of the rental application dossier?

Keep in mind that a landlord or lessor may receive dozens of applications for their rental property. This means hundreds of documents to carefully review. It's understandable that by the 12th dossier, attention may wane.

To ensure that the landlord or lessor is inclined to consider your application, it's wise to include a cover page. It serves as a summary and overview of the rental application dossier. Thus, at a glance, the landlord or lessor can gain a good understanding of your profile.

They should also find the contact information to reach you easily. At the very least, the rental candidate should indicate:

  • their identity (last name and first name);

  • their phone number and email address;

  • the address of the property for rent;

  • their employment situation and the nature of their employment contract;

  • their family situation;

  • the amount of their annual income;

  • the bank guarantee or the identity of the guarantor who will act as joint surety for the tenant;

  • the annual income of the guarantor.

Inside the dossier, it is wise to present the supporting documents in the same order as the summary. Place everything in a colored folder to attract attention.

How to present the cover page of the rental application dossier?

The page should be well-spaced and the information clearly identifiable. For example, you can indicate the identity and contact details of the rental candidate in the top left corner, and the address of the property in the top center.

Professional information, income-related information, and guarantor-related information can be placed in an introductory letter to the rental application dossier.

This introductory letter should take up 3/4 of the cover page. Address the landlord or lessor: "Madame, Monsieur". Provide an introductory sentence, then insert headings, such as "employment situation". Use short paragraphs, with ideally one paragraph = presentation of one piece of information.

What elements should be provided in a rental application dossier?

Several documents are essential in a rental application dossier. Please provide a copy of each supporting document. Remember to compile the rental application dossier in both paper and PDF formats.

Complete the tenant information sheet

Many lessors or landlords ask the candidate to fill out a tenant information sheet. If you are applying to a private individual, you can create this sheet yourself.

The information to provide is sometimes very detailed. For example, if you are moving in as a couple or in a shared rental, you need to provide all the details for each tenant.

You may be asked for your current address, the amount of your rent, the name of your landlord. Lessors may also inquire about your employment situation: how long have you been working for your company, what is the name of your employer, etc.

Provide all requested documents

Landlords and lessors require a certain number of documents, the nature of which may vary depending on the cities. Note that since 2015 and the implementation of decree n° 2015-1437, the list of allowed supporting documents is strictly regulated by law. The lessor or landlord of the rental property is entitled to ask you for:

  • a valid identity document (e.g., national identity card);

  • proof of residence (e.g., the last three rent receipts);

  • a document attesting to professional activities (e.g., employment contract).

The same types of documents must be provided by the guarantor. Some lessors also require a letter written by the guarantor in which they undertake, on their honor, to act as joint surety.

We invite you to inquire with your bank for all documents related to the bank guarantee, especially the guarantee deed.

Simplification of the rental application dossier with Colonies

At Colonies, we are aware that putting together a rental application dossier can be a stressful experience due to its demanding nature. That's why we simplify applications: forget about photocopies and the long list of documents to gather. The rental application dossier becomes easy to compile with Colonies.

Indeed, to access our shared living accommodations, all you need to do is apply through our platform and fill out our questionnaire. As for the supporting documents for your rental application dossier, you will need:

  • a valid identity document;

  • proof of income.

Of course, you will also need to meet a financial criterion. At Colonies, we require an income of 2.5 times the value of your rent, net of tax and per month. We accept guarantors if this is not your case, and even foreign guarantors.

We will then need your electronic signature, and that's it! We will review your rental application request together for our shared accommodations, whether it's a room in a house, a studio, or an apartment in a building.

Rest assured that you will never feel alone in your efforts. We will be by your side to help you access the accommodation of your dreams.

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