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The price of a university room - Colonies

The student housing market is a segment of the real estate market that attracts several real estate actors. The price range of a university room in France varies according to several criteria. Students can opt for institutional landlords (public or private) or rent a room from a private individual.

What is the price of a university room? French and foreign students in France have all asked themselves this question at some point. If you are wondering what the price of student housing is in France today, you are in the right place. We will detail the student real estate market for you.

Follow our special university room guide.

What price for what type of student housing?

Two types of accommodation compete in the student real estate market:

  • Living in a residence or a student home. This alternative offers several advantages: furnished room (microwave, sink or even toilet, bedding, fridge, etc.), more affordable rent, communal living.

  • Finding a university room in the private real estate market through a real estate agency, or by direct rental from individual to individual.

An ideal alternative is available to you if you are looking for student housing: live in optimized shared housing for young workers and students by Colonies.

What is the price of a CROUS university room?

CROUS residences are subsidized by the State and are public. The CROUS university room is the most coveted and sought-after accommodation by students in France.

Only French scholarship students and foreign students enrolled in a master's or doctoral program are eligible for CROUS accommodation. Demand far exceeds supply. The rental cost attracts many students.

So what is the price of a university room?

The rent for a CROUS room is relatively low. The prices of CROUS student housing per university city differ. Here are some average estimates:

  • Paris: 400 to 450 euros;

  • Lyon: 270 euros for a room with individual sanitation;

  • Strasbourg: 200 euros;

  • Toulouse: 190 euros.

The prices of student housing in university rooms per city vary according to the area, the chosen CROUS residence, and the included services (shared or private shower and toilet, home insurance, provided equipment, etc.).

What are the advantages of living in a CROUS university room?

The moderate price of CROUS accommodation (Regional Center for University and Social Works) is not the only advantage that attracts students. Student housing in a university room offers a multitude of benefits:

proximity to educational institutions (often, residences are located on campus);

  • guaranteed security and protected access;

  • enriched social life;

  • often organized events;

  • possibility to benefit from student housing assistance (CAF aids, ALS, APL, aids for deposits, etc.);

  • Available staff to provide assistance.

Colonies has improved the shared housing and co-living experience in a residence. We can even say that we have reinvented it!

What is the price of a room in a student and youth home?

Youth homes offer accommodation to young people aged between 18 and 25 (apprentices, student interns, alternates). They are managed by associations. Intern students and young workers are given priority, but the application of students following a higher education curriculum is not rejected. The prices of student rooms in a youth home range from around 600 euros in Paris to 300 to 400 euros in the regions.

What is the rate for a room in a private student residence?

The student housing market has attracted many private real estate investors. Private student residences increased during the 1990s in response to the explosion in the number of French and foreign students. They offer furnished rooms for rent at prices often comparable to those practiced in the private rental sector. Rents range from 350 to 700 € per month depending on the services offered (equipped kitchen with microwave and fridge, laundry, cleaning, security, internet, etc.). Some student cities are much more expensive than average: 800 to 900 euros in Paris.

Renting a room in a private residence in shared accommodation is a good alternative. Renting a room in shared or co-living accommodation in a Colonies residence is an optimal solution. Our Supercoloc offer covers several university cities. Young workers and students have been a privileged and cherished target for Colonies. Since the launch of our flexible real estate brand, we have aimed to soften and embellish their real estate experience. Discover our Supercoloc offer, which presents unique advantages.

Room at the owner's

There are more economical accommodation options, but they do not offer the same advantages as shared accommodation in a private residence or in a CROUS room. This includes lodging with the homeowner, sometimes called solidarity housing. Intergenerational housing (for example, a room with a retired couple) is part of it. Three formulas are possible:

  • Free rooms: in exchange for performing certain tasks in the evening (cooking, taking out the trash, shopping, etc.).

  • Rooms at a moderate rent: the student agrees to regularly keep company with the elderly person and assist them in specific tasks. They are freer with their time.

  • Rooms at market rate: the student is totally independent. The rent is then equivalent to that of rental from individual to individual.

You now have a general idea of the price of a university room. However, know that the rent amount is not the only criterion for optimizing your student rental. Prioritize your needs and start by visiting the rental listings on the Colonies platform: our shared apartments go fast!

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