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Different types of assistance for furnishing your home

It's not always easy to make ends meet and furnish your accommodation. Various situations can lead to a deadlock, such as expanding a family, renting individually for a student, or even a simple relocation.

Fortunately, you can rely on the various aids provided by the CAF to assist you in this task.

CAF: the different aids available for young people

If you're looking for help to furnish your accommodation, the CAF is here for you. It offers many offers depending on marital status and income. It also supports students and young professionals.

Furniture assistance for young people

If you're a young professional in a vocational training program, the CAF offers you the Mobili-Jeune aid. As the name suggests, it aims to lighten your expenses by contributing not only to rent but also to the purchase of furniture necessary for a more comfortable lifestyle.

Calculating assistance for young people to furnish their accommodation and/or pay their rent is possible for the entire training period, as it is renewable, granted annually. Thus, if your training lasts for 5 years, you can submit your request 5 times.

As long as you are in training, you will remain eligible. Once the training is finished, you will need to check with the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) to see if this aid will be maintained or if you need to switch to another option.

The amount of aid ranges from 10 to 100 euros per month. To calculate the financial support you are entitled to, simply deduct the Housing Assistance (APL) from the rent. For example, if you pay a rent of 450 euros and receive housing assistance of 200 euros, you will be entitled to a Mobili-Jeune amount of 100 euros.

However, if your rent is 250 euros with housing assistance of 180 euros, the amount received will be 70 euros. Finally, if the difference between the two parameters is less than 10 euros, you will not be able to receive any assistance.

The allocation is paid monthly, either every 2 or 6 months depending on your needs. It will be up to you to choose the payment method that suits you. Then, you can change it if you wish.

The procedures are simple to become eligible and only require a few documents. You just need to submit your rent receipt or proof of payment, along with proof of your monthly salary. Once done, you will need to wait 12 days for your request to be analyzed.

However, the processing time may be longer during the back-to-school period.

Aid for furnishing student accommodation in Paris

It's difficult to furnish your apartment when you've just obtained your high school diploma. Fortunately, there is special financial aid for students. Obviously, students can also benefit from classic aids such as Housing Allowance (APL) and Social Housing Allowance (ALS) which reduce rents and charges.

The AILE, on the other hand, is an allocation that can reach 900 euros. It is intended for grant-holding students, allowing them to cope with expenses that can quickly become significant when renting a first living space.

It covers basic furniture, including appliances. The little bonus is that no proof is required to benefit from it.

Whether you're in a flatshare or renting individually, you are eligible as long as you are a grant holder according to the criteria of the Paris Academy. However, it is only paid once and is not renewable.

Feel free to search for a home with Colonies. You will be very surprised to discover the most interesting offers on the rental housing market.

Bank loan

If CAF allowances are not enough, you can opt for a bank loan. Several offers will be proposed to you according to your economic situation: student loan, personal loan for young professionals, loan for families, microcredit, etc.

The services covered also include renovations and relocations. Variable interest rates are obviously required. So, you need to make sure that the total cost is worth it.

Repayment conditions and prescribed deadlines should be carefully studied. Be careful not to sign a lease that doesn't match your financial means.

The different CAF aids for families

CAF doesn't leave families behind. The organization offers them several programs to help them better equip their homes.

CAF aid for furnishing your home

CAF's aid for purchasing appliances also covers furniture and essential items. These grants are in addition to the housing assistance offered by the fund.

Subject to certain conditions, your family may receive an amount of up to 1,000 euros (or even 2,000 euros in exceptional cases). However, purchases should not be made before obtaining approval from the fund. In addition, online purchases are not eligible.

You must also respect a minimum period of 3 years between each request for assistance for the same type of furniture.

To qualify for this aid, you must be a CAF beneficiary and have at least one child. An exception applies if you are not yet a parent but are at least 7 months pregnant.

If you are separating from your spouse, you must have joint custody. In addition to these conditions, you must also have a family quotient of less than 761 euros when submitting your application.

This aid is optional. If it is refused, there is no possibility of appeal.

As a general rule, the amount does not exceed 1,000 euros. However, a list of exceptional situations is available on the CAF website. If you are affected by these situations, you can request up to 2,000 euros, with a non-refundable portion.

To make your request, you will need to fill out the equipment assistance form for the current year and provide the necessary quote for the furniture to be acquired. Once you have obtained approval from CAF, the amount received will be directly transferred to the store concerned.

The list of equipment and conditions are mentioned in the forms of the Family Allowance Fund (CAF). However, by opting for Colonies, you can rent a fully furnished apartment without breaking the bank.

CAF equipment assistance form 2021

It differs from the CAF equipment assistance form 2020 in that there are maximum amounts according to the product. For example, for a washing machine, the amount not to be exceeded is 440 euros. This limitation did not exist in previous years.

The advantage of this new form is that it allows freedom in the number and rate of installments, provided that it does not exceed 25 months. Of course, payments must not be less than 15 euros.

Note that the CAF equipment assistance form in 2019 did not exceed 500 euros. This exaggeration of the amount received allows families to make a greater number of purchases, with the possibility of repaying everything in 2 to 4 years.

FSL and list of essential furniture

The Solidarity Housing Fund is assistance provided to people who cannot find a home or maintain it. FSLs are therefore intended to finance various costs related to entering an apartment, namely: the first rent, deposit, and insurance.

This fund also serves to provide assistance for maintaining a home in its current state or for its improvement. Moving expenses are also included and the amount of the FSL varies depending on the department you are dependent on.

The list of furniture covered by this subsidy is long. You just need to visit the CAF website to access it. It mainly includes essential items, such as beds, refrigerators, stoves, computers, and printers.

CAF's emergency aid for essential needs

The Family Allowance Fund also provides special assistance for emergency situations, especially if your furniture is defective. In this case, simply submit your request by sending your details in an email to the address provided by the CAF.

It will be processed and evaluated promptly. However, it should be noted that no other requests will be considered outside of emergencies.

Tips for buying your furniture

It's possible to buy furniture without breaking the bank, provided you know how to go about it.

Shop during sales

If there's a time of year conducive to buying furniture, it's during sales. Whether it's in winter or summer, you'll certainly find some great deals for cheap. Ideally, have a shortlist of items you need before heading to the stores.

If you go with a gut feeling, you might end up making purchases that won't necessarily be useful, just as you risk forgetting the most important items.

You can also target clearance or liquidation stores to minimize your expenses.

Buy on installment

To avoid spending astronomical sums in one go, choose a store that offers the option to pay in installments. Splitting payments will help you manage your expenses better while making more purchases.

For example, instead of buying a washing machine and waiting a few months to then buy a dishwasher, paying in installments will allow you to have both at the same time.

That said, you need to have a fairly stable financial situation to opt for this option.

Hunt for treasures

It's not just clothes that sell second-hand. You can also furnish your home with pre-owned furniture. So, consider checking out flea markets and garage sales that sometimes sell unique items at significantly lower prices than store-bought products.

Moreover, if you're a fan of vintage, you're much more likely to be satisfied by hunting than by going to traditional stores.

With this consumption method, you're pleasing nature as well as your wallet. Additionally, you can also look for hidden gems online.

There are countless websites that offer the sale of used furniture. So, don't hesitate to trust user reviews to choose one.

Bank on lesser-known brands

A lesser-known brand doesn't mean the product won't be of good quality. Remember that when you pay a very high price for an item in a large store, part of the price is solely due to it being from a well-known brand.

Emerging small brands aim for lower costs to attract and retain consumers. So, consider giving them a chance. You might find the best furniture with them.

Take your time before choosing

Having a first home or starting a small family is a crucial step in life. That's why you should never rush. You don't need to have all the furniture and appliances at once when you move in.

Simply make a list of your needs in descending order. Once that's done, you can acquire these items one by one in a methodical manner that aligns with your budget.

Moreover, taking your time will allow you to compare prices from different stores and wait for sales periods to buy furniture that isn't essential.

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