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Renting a student studio in Lille: what budget, what choice of accommodation?

The fourth urban unit of France stands out as a major university hub, the third largest at the national level. The city of Lille is thus an important destination for many young people looking for student accommodation, often a studio. If you find yourself in this situation, know that despite its size, Lille remains an affordable city for the price of its student rents.

Student studios in Lille are in high demand. This type of accommodation, intended for young people pursuing university education, offers more space to live and work than a simple rented room. You can find offers through our platform Colonies, which provides you with information as effectively as possible about the specifics of renting a studio and more generally about life in Lille.

The price of a studio in Lille: an attractive cost

Real estate statistics regarding rentals in major cities quickly reveal particularly expensive cities, with Paris at the forefront, followed by the major municipalities of the Île-de-France region. In the provinces, Lille performs remarkably well for a major regional metropolis, compared to Lyon, Nice, or to a lesser extent, Bordeaux. Indeed, the average monthly rent for an unfurnished studio is €494, compared to €448 for an unfurnished room, which represents a small difference considering the generally larger space in a studio. These figures, published by Seloger.com, a reference barometer site, are taken from a recent article about rents in France in 2021. However, they remain higher than those observed in other student cities like Poitiers or Nantes.

What is the offer of student studios in Lille?

The majority of studios available in Lille offer 15 to 25 square meters, for nearly €500 monthly rent. If you find this amount too high, we can suggest looking for unfurnished studios, which can lower the rent by nearly 20%, sometimes more. Empty accommodations of less than 16/17 square meters, even near the city center or main thoroughfares like Léon Gambetta and Solférino streets, can be reserved for €350 per month. For smaller sizes, you can hope to pay around €300 in rent, or slightly less.

Regarding furnished studios, a 15 m² studio costs around €450 including charges, but allows you to benefit from more extensive equipment, with a kitchenette, a shared laundry area with other residents, and sometimes a parking space. Hundreds of studios are available all year round, but be sure to act quickly, as bookings can fill up very quickly, especially in the period leading up to the start of the University term. This huge offer is not always enough to meet very high demand, especially regarding student housing.

Mobility and transport in Lille

Due to its location and quality infrastructure, Lille is a city that facilitates travel, both within the municipality and the Hauts-de-France region. The Lille metropolis has emphasized eco-friendly modes of transport, with hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths and thousands of "V'Lille" bikes available for self-service, in addition to dozens of car-sharing stations. Public transportation, buses, metro, and tram, are also well developed. For longer distances, you can rely on the TGV to reach Paris via the LGV Nord in less than an hour. The Lille-Europe and Lille-Flandres stations are connected by regular shuttles to Lille-Lesquin airport, a gateway to France and abroad.

In addition to its university dimension, Lille is also renowned for its culture, numerous museums, or large-scale cultural events, such as its annual September Flea Market. It was named City of Art and History and European Capital of Culture in 2004, and then World Design Capital in 2020. Lille is full of places of interest and symbolizes the gradual transformation of an industrial city into a more tourist-friendly space.

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