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Studio rental for young workers: a few tips to make life easier

If hundreds of student residences exist in France, the same cannot be said for housing for young professionals. Many of them complain: renting a studio for a young worker can become a challenge if one desires a reasonable number of square meters. Tiny furnished studios, inaccessible youth housing complexes, or youth worker hostels, and too short deadlines to respond to advertisements... If these notions are disrupting your daily life, these tips are for you.

How to Get Housing for Young Workers?

You're entering the workforce and looking for housing? Here are the steps that await you: decide if you want to live alone or with others, choose the number of rooms and square meters of your future apartment, compile your documents, sign your lease, and finally, move in.

Housing for Young Workers: Living Alone or in Shared Accommodation?

The question troubles many young workers: "should I live alone or in shared accommodation"? To answer it, evaluate your needs, your capabilities, and the specifics of the place where you want to rent. Remember that social support is possible for temporary housing.

If you're determined to move to Paris, shared accommodation may be necessary. Conversely, studios may be more accessible on the outskirts of the city or in the suburbs. Also, as we will see at the end of this article, a third solution exists: coliving.

Housing for Young Couples in Île-de-France: How to Choose Your Apartment?

To choose your accommodation, two categories of criteria: those related to your ideal, and those determined by socio-economic and urban reality. The goal? To achieve a good compromise between the two. For example, if you want a furnished and spacious studio in the heart of Paris, you may have to choose only one of these conditions.

Don't forget to consider the neighborhood, the orientation (a bit of sunshine can make all the difference), the rent, the space, the inclusive or non-inclusive charges. Finally, decide which type of offers to consult first: those from real estate agencies or those from individuals? The former are more numerous but more expensive due to administrative fees. The latter are rarer but may be cheaper.

Housing for Young Workers in Île-de-France: What Should My Application Include?

Rental veterans will tell you: having a good application is one of the keys to gaining access to housing as quickly as possible. Present all the documents to the landlord upon your arrival. This application must include your last three pay stubs, your employment contract if you're no longer a student, your latest tax assessment, a copy of your identity card or passport... As well as these same documents for your guarantor's application. The guarantor must also provide a handwritten letter certifying that they will act as a guarantor for you.

Housing for Young People in Difficulty: Lease Signing

After visiting, you've found your apartment. Congratulations! It's time to sign your lease. Once again, you must bring your complete application, as well as that of your guarantor. You must also provide a security deposit check equivalent to one month's rent.

If you went through a real estate agency, it's time to pay your administrative fees. You will also conduct the inventory with the landlord or an employee of the real estate agency. Be careful not to be charged unjust damages when you move out.

Housing for Young Workers: Finally at Home

Once moved in, two tips to save money. First, don't hesitate to simulate housing assistance (Aide Pour le Logement) with the CAF (Caisse d'Allocation Familiale). This simulation takes only a few minutes. If you're eligible, make your request: you could receive financial assistance to pay your rent. Second, don't hesitate to check online classifieds and flea markets for furnishings: you often find wonders at modest prices.

Renting a Studio for Young Workers: The Colonies Solution

Can't decide between living alone in a too-small apartment or living in shared accommodation with too little privacy? A third way exists: the one offered by Colonies. It's called "coliving."

How to Get Housing as a Young Worker? With Colonies, Discover an Offer Adapted to Your Needs

At Colonies, we offer housing designed for young workers. The principle? Each member shares a space worthy of the name, in which they have a real private studio or T1, but also large common areas, up to several hundred square meters. You will then enjoy a completely renovated, fully equipped and furnished house, and will be able to live in harmony with your roommates and share beautiful moments with them. For more information, don't hesitate to check out our listings!

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