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Advance notice for student accommodation: what you need to know before you cancel

What is the notice period for student accommodation? How exactly does the termination procedure proceed when initiated by the landlord or the tenant? What are the differences between notice periods for furnished and unfurnished apartments? Colonies answers all your questions to help you manage your lease termination effectively.

The specificity of student leases

A student lease does not adhere to the same rules as a traditional lease. Upon signing, the tenant commits for a duration of 9 months (the length of an academic year) compared to 12 months for a standard lease.

Regarding the notice period, it depends on the type of student accommodation preferred. For furnished rentals (most common for students), the notice period should be 1 month. For unfurnished rentals, the notice period remains fixed at 3 months.

Furthermore, the automatic renewal of contracts does not apply as with a normal lease if the rental agreement is for a 9-month student lease for a furnished property. However, it does apply in the case of a lease for an unfurnished rental.

What notice period depending on who initiates the termination?

Termination initiated by the tenant? Initiated by the landlord? You'll see that this question is important because it will significantly lengthen or shorten the notice period.

Notice period with termination initiated by the student tenant

If you wish to terminate your student apartment lease, 3 scenarios are possible.

If you have signed the lease for a furnished property, your notice period will be 3 months, although there are some possible exceptions. For example, for an apartment in a tight housing market, due to a medical problem, or because of relocation for a first job, the notice period can be reduced to 1 month.

In the case of a lease for a furnished property, it's straightforward, the notice period is always 1 month.

Finally, for a 9-month student accommodation, such as in a residence, the notice period is also 1 month.

Of course, if your lease expires before the end of the month, you only pay rent for the days you occupied the studio or apartment.

Notice period with termination initiated by the landlord

The Alur Law stipulates that, for furnished apartments, a landlord must notify their tenant 3 months in advance of a lease termination. Furthermore, this can only be done at the end of the current lease year and only in 3 specific cases:

  • If the landlord wants to occupy the property themselves, or have a spouse or child occupy it.

  • If the landlord wants to sell their property.

  • If the landlord invokes a forfeiture clause for the lease contract.

The forfeiture clause is a clause that allows either party to request the termination of the contract in case of failure to fulfill an obligation... Indeed, in case of non-payment of rent or charges, absence of security deposit, or failure to respect the premises, the landlord can automatically terminate the lease using this rule.

Before using this forfeiture clause, the landlord must first formally demand compliance from the tenant, and only in the absence of a response or in case of refusal can it be invoked.

Reducing the notice period for a student tenant's lease, is it possible?

There are some exceptions that allow for the reduction of the notice period for termination of an unfurnished apartment. These exceptions are general and apply to all types of tenants and can therefore, in some cases, also apply to students.

A tenant can reduce the notice period if:

  • They receive social welfare benefits (RSA).

  • They have lost their job.

  • They have a job transfer.

  • They have a health problem justifying their move.

  • They have found employment.

Obviously, not all of these reasons can apply to a student's situation. For example, they cannot receive social welfare benefits due to their status. Similarly, this reduction in notice period does not apply in the case of student mobility. However, if the student finds a first job, they can reduce their notice period, if necessary.

What procedure to follow to give notice for a student lease properly?

But how do you practically implement a lease termination? The procedure is very simple; as a tenant, you only need to write a lease termination letter.

The notice letter must include information such as your name, that of the landlord, and of course, be dated and signed. Then, it must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to be valid.

If you're not sure how to draft your 1-month or 3-month notice of termination, search online. There are dozens of free templates to inspire you.

Conclusion: the question of notice periods in Colonies coliving

As a student, you can absolutely aspire to be part of the Colonies adventure! We exclusively offer furnished accommodations, so the duration of your notice period will not exceed 1 month. Private spaces, common areas, everything has been designed to create a true bubble of happiness and well-being, a real home to share. To convince yourself, take a virtual tour of one of our accommodations, and who knows? You might find your home for the next academic year.

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