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When should you pay your first rent?

Gaining independence also means taking on more responsibilities. When it comes time to find housing, you also need to inquire about rental charges, advance rent, and security deposit.

Knowing when and how to pay these fees is an obligation that every tenant must adhere to under penalty of sanctions.

When should a tenant pay their rent?

There are different methods of paying the first rent, depending on the situation you find yourself in.

Paying the first rent for a private accommodation

Paying the first rent is a pro-rata of the number of days of the current month to be spent in the property. This means that if you sign the lease for the apartment of an unfurnished or furnished rental property on the 15th of the month, you will need to pay half of a full month's rent.

The landlord may require payment at the time of signing, which, in most cases, corresponds to the handing over of the keys. Of course, the move-in day is taken into account.

When to pay the first rent for social housing?

In the case of social housing, the Alur law does not make any changes to the payment of the first rent. You must pay the amount due to the landlord on the date specified in the signed contract.

The only difference between renting in the private sector and social housing is the government's price control, as well as the assistance offered to those who cannot afford to pay on their own.

Can a landlord ask for rent in advance?

The law gives landlords the freedom to demand advanced payment. Unlike paying rent for an incomplete month, you will need to pay for a full month, regardless of the move-in date.

Furthermore, no security deposit is required by the landlord for an advanced payment of two months.

Other situations

For example, there is the option of paying rent in arrears, meaning the money will be handed over at the end of the inhabited month rather than at the beginning, following a mutual agreement between the tenant and the landlord.

Both signatories of the lease agreement can also decide to choose any day of the month to make the payment. Generally, this payment method is especially convenient for employees who only receive their salaries from the 5th day of the current month.

Others choose a quarterly payment schedule in advance, or even semi-annually. Both parties must agree on this. Furthermore, these conditions remain subject to change thereafter.

Until when must rent be paid?

The tenant is obliged to pay rental charges and the monthly housing amount until the end of their lease. In other words, rent payment is mandatory until the inventory is conducted on the day the keys are returned.

Even if the landlord shows serious shortcomings regarding works deemed necessary by the occupant and a bailiff, the tenant must continue to pay the due amount.

In this latter case, it is the assize court that will block the payment to prevent it from reaching the hands of the landlord.

In the event of a move with notice, and if, during this notice period, the landlord finds a new tenant, then you are no longer required to pay the rent from the day the new tenant moves in.

In all cases, don't forget to request a receipt or certificate proving that you have paid your debts to the landlord.

This document must necessarily indicate the total amount, making a distinction between rent and rental charges, as well as any reduction in solidarity rent if you are eligible.

Modes of payment for the first rent

There are various ways to make a rent payment. For example, there is automatic withdrawal from the tenant's bank account, TIP (Payment Slip), payment by check, and finally, payment in cash for amounts under 1,000 euros.

In all cases, the tenant's consent and the provision of the receipt are required.

Note, the landlord has no right to directly deduct the amount from the tenant's salary, even if the tenant agrees.

What else does the tenant have to pay in addition to rent?

Renting a property is not just about paying rent. Rental charges represent a list of fees initially borne by the landlord and inherited by the tenant when signing the lease.

A comprehensive guide with the exhaustive list is available on the public service website. It is important to emphasize the housing tax which is the responsibility of the occupant from the first of January of the current year.

If they change houses subsequently, they will have to pay the housing tax of the previous lease.

Leaving your accommodation in search of a new roof

Whether for personal or professional reasons, many circumstances can lead an individual to want to change their accommodation. For this, there is a very precise process to follow.

Firstly, you need to find a new place to live. To make your job easier, you can check out the offers provided by Colonies.

Secondly, you need to inform your old landlord. This step is very important because failing to do so can result in sanctions. You must, therefore, draft a letter with acknowledgment of receipt. This registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt is sent by post, and the notice takes effect the day the letter arrives at its destination.

You can also go through a bailiff or deliver the letter by hand against a signature.

Finally, you need to conduct an inventory with the landlord. If they prove that you have caused damage, you may not recover your security deposit.

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