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What's the deadline for paying rent?

Rent payment is mandatory and strictly regulated by law, so as not to prejudice either the tenant or the landlord. Therefore, respecting the deadlines for paying charges is to be taken seriously under penalty of sanctions.

The deadline for rent payment

The deadline for paying rent is usually set in the contract and agreed upon by both parties. Generally, the chosen day is the first of the month and is referred to as either rent in arrears or legal advance rent. Therefore, you pay for the next 30 days.

The second method is in arrears rent. The landlord accepts late payment of rent to be made at the end of the month, covering the previous 30 days. However, any date of the month can be agreed upon by mutual agreement between the two contract signatories.

It is this third option that most benefits employees who receive their income around the fifth day of the month. In return, the tenant can demand a rent receipt, which they will receive free of charge by mail or email.

This receipt serves as insurance or a guarantee that the payment has been made by the person renting the property, whether it is furnished or unfurnished.

If a person is responsible for numerous delays in paying their rental charges, the landlord may decide to take certain measures. Tolerating late rent payment beyond the agreed deadlines is at the discretion of the landlord.

They may choose to turn a blind eye, refuse to renew the lease for legitimate and serious reasons, or even involve a bailiff to initiate an eviction procedure. Regarding non-renewal of the contract, the tenant must have failed multiple times to pay their charges on time.

It should be noted that the termination of the lease is not applicable if the occupant is not at fault. For example, if the rent is partially paid and the missing part is covered by housing assistance, then the landlord is not entitled to evict the tenant.

Can the rent payment date be changed?

Technically, it is not possible to change the rent payment date. The agreement of both the landlord and the tenant is required to modify the due date. A delay of 10 days is generally tolerated.

Many landlords turn a blind eye, but the law allows them not to renew the contract if the deadlines are exceeded on numerous occasions.

As for the rent, it is freely chosen by the landlord, and the tenant accepts it by signing the contract. It cannot be modified during the current year. It may be adjustable the following year if a clause specifying this is included in the lease.

If the property is located in a tense area, the monthly rental charges are capped by the state. You can use the IRL to approximately calculate the amount to be paid according to your situation.

Can cash rent payment be refused?

There are many payment methods for rent: direct debit from a bank account, TIP, checks, or cash payment. If the latter method is chosen, the amount to be paid must not exceed 1,000 euros.

Finally, the tenant can refuse the landlord's proposal. This means that the payment method must be approved by both parties, otherwise they may find themselves at an impasse.

Furthermore, the landlord has no right to deduct the rent directly from the tenant's salary, even if the tenant agrees.

Currently, many people use Colonies to find an apartment or shared accommodation with affordable costs. Feel free to regularly check the offers available to find accommodation for a low price.

Until when does the rent have to be paid?

The tenant is obliged to pay their rent consistently and regularly. If they request that work be done and the landlord does not comply, they must still continue to make payments. However, the court blocks payments that do not reach the landlord.

This is a way to compel the tenant to cooperate.

In the event that the tenancy proceeds smoothly, but the tenant decides to move out for various reasons, they are required to pay the rent until the inventory is completed.

This is the final step before returning the keys to the property. It involves a joint visit between the former occupant and the landlord to check the condition of the house.

This is usually a formality, unless the property has been damaged while under the tenant's responsibility. In this case, the dispute can be resolved amicably with an administrative agent, such as the mayor of the city.

Otherwise, a complaint can be filed with the police.

Deadline for payment of unpaid rent in the context of an eviction or housing change procedure

Rental arrears are defined by the fact that a landlord demands unpaid rent, even if the tenant has deserted the premises. This applies equally in cases of forgetfulness, ignorance, or negligence.

However, the investigating judge may decide that this late regularization of charges is abusive, especially if the tenant has clearly expressed their desire to regulate the rent and the landlord has not followed up. Indeed, many leases end due to unfair rent imposed by the landlord.

Occupants seek a solution by attempting to negotiate with the landlord, but if dialogue is unsuccessful, they turn to other alternatives.

Finally, it should also be noted that the deadline for claiming rental arrears is 3 years.

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