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What is "Coliving"?

Coliving is housing 2.0! It's a modern, improved form of shared living, with a real, caring community and team spirit. This concept of shared living is now a real phenomenon.

Coliving: definition

Born in the United States in the 2000s, coliving is increasingly present in France, attracting the interest of local authorities. Coliving is generally organized around common areas open to all, and individual spaces: rooms, studios or apartments, as well as access to a wide range of services. Coliving fits perfectly into this era of sharing, enabling people to live more cheaply in larger apartments in major metropolises. At Colonies, we currently have coliving spaces in Paris, Marseille, Lille and Berlin.

Coliving: common spaces

Coliving apartments often offer superb common spaces that you wouldn't find in a conventional shared apartment. Among the most common are a large living room, a gym, a screening room, a library, a coworking space, a terrace, a garden and a SPA. Not bad, eh?

Coliving: private spaces

Coliving accommodation often offers rooms, studios or apartments with double beds, closets and private or shared bathrooms. The whole point is that you have your own private space, while enjoying common areas to your heart's content. At Colonies, we offer rooms and studios of various sizes. All our rooms have a double bed with storage, a closet, an armchair and a table. Some of our rooms have access to a hotel block or kitchenette. Our most standard rooms have a bathroom shared with another tenant. Some have private bathrooms but shared toilets. Our most premium rooms and studios have private bathrooms and toilets. The choice is yours! All our rooms are lockable. The security of your belongings is very important to us, and we do everything we can to make you feel at home with us.

Coliving services

A wide range of shared services are also available: wifi, housekeeping, guarded parking, Netflix or OCS subscriptions, gym classes, saunas, self-service electric scooters... Sometimes, a concierge is even on hand to handle incoming deliveries or pick up and drop off clothes at the dry cleaners. The codes for decoration and service are inspired by those of the hotel industry. This real estate model is quite original, not least because of the various events it offers its tenants. In fact, some events are organized by coliving providers for their tenants: theme evenings, cooking classes, etc. In our case, we took advantage of the confinement to organize video cooking classes for our residents, and they loved them!

Who is coliving for?

Coliving is primarily aimed at young professionals and students who want to develop their skills, meet new people and share common spaces and services. This generation of Millennials is already won over by sharing in all its forms: colocation, coworking or carpooling.

Coliving can also be of interest to all those in transition in their lives: recently divorced men and women, working people on assignment for a few months or in the transition phase of their professional lives, or young seniors. They're all likely to be looking for a solution that offers them turnkey rental accommodation and the chance to make new friends.

At Colonies, you'll meet a wide range of profiles from all kinds of backgrounds! Are you a student, a young professional, a mobile worker, a freelancer, an expat, an entrepreneur, a startup creator...? Our current tenants are on average 30 years old and come from all over the world. The coliving concept is open to everyone, as long as you don't mind sharing! We make sure that our flatmates share common interests such as sports, while benefiting from conveniences that offer a new level of comfort. Would you like to share an adventure with other tenants and put an end to the loneliness of a small apartment? Join the Colonies project!

You're probably wondering whether couples are accepted at Colonies? Well, we do! And we know how complicated it can be to live together as a couple! That's why we've come up with the perfect solution for you! We offer studios specially designed for 2 people. You'll have your own private space and access to superb shared areas. Are children also accepted? You have to be at least 18 years old to live in one of our residences. Why is this? We like to have tenants with common interests, and it's important to us that there isn't too big an age difference between them. Would you like to bring your pet home with you? Unfortunately, our animal friends are not accepted in our residences. Coliving is the perfect mix between the intimacy and flexibility of hotels and the dynamism of student residences. It's a new way of living that offers the best compromise between the conviviality of a shared apartment and the privacy of a private studio.

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